How to use a shade carrier and spider fitting

Posted by Joanna Corney on

If you have brought one of our tapered lampshades or large traditional lampshades, you will have received either a shade carrier or spider fitting with it

These fittings look quite strange and aren’t the easiest to figure out, so here I will show you how to use them!

Follow my how to video for a step by step guide on how to use your shade carrier or spider fitting

Shade carriers and spider fittings are used with lampshades that have duplex fitting rings which you can see here. If you have a lampshade with a duplex ring, it means you can use it either on a lamp base or a ceiling pendant

Shade carriers are used with lamp bases and have a converter plug, which you can remove if your lamp holder is larger. This means that they fit both standard British (BC) or European (EC) Fittings

However if you are using your lampshade on a ceiling pendant, you will need to use a spider fitting, which also comes with a converter plug

Shade carriers can come in a variety of heights, meaning you can change the placement of your shade quite easily, either making it sit lower on your lamp base or higher up. If you would like a different size shade carrier then do get in contact

I hope this has helped you to use your shade carrier or spider fitting. Enjoy your new lampshade! 


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