Brighton Artists Open Houses

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I share a lovely little studio with Martha Mitchell Design and every May and Christmas we open our studio doors as part of the Brighton Artist Open Houses. This is a wonderful event where artists and designers showcase their work in either their own house or studio, or are part of someone else’s house. It’s the perfect way to see lots of brilliant local work and also a great way to have a look around other people's houses!!

After 8 years of opening our studio doors as part of the Open Houses, we decided it was about time to have a May off, and enjoy the festivities that Brighton has going on throughout the month! Even though we aren't opening our studio doors, we are both still part of other people’s open houses!

Martha and me are both in the amazing 12 Scott Road, which is part of the West Hove trail. This venue is the house of the very talented Georgia Flowers and this years brochure cover artist, Hannah Forward Art. There is such a great mix of work on show here, including prints, ceramics, sculpture, embroidery and much more! Take a look at what you can find inside….

I am also part of Life, Love and Art Open House in the Hove Trail. This is the first year that this house has opened, and Sarah has put together a gorgeous selection of work! They are also raising money for the Robin Hood Health Foundation, which is a great charity who offer art therapy sessions within the area. Here’s a selection of the gorgeous work you can find inside...

Being the first year where I’ve had a bit more free time, I thought I should take the opportunity to go and visit some open houses for myself. Here’s a few of the brilliant open houses I managed to go and see and would recommend visiting…

The Secret Garden at 142 - Fiveways Trail


 The Corner Exchange - Fiveways Trail

 Jehane’s Open House - Fiveways Trail

11 Rugby Road - Beyond The Level Trail


Delicious Delights - Fiveways Trail 


The Open Houses are open every weekend in May, so with two weekends left there is still plenty of time to pop along to see some!

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