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Pendant lights are all the rage at the moment and can create a lovely feature, either hanging over a dining table or beside your bed. The stripped back nature of a bare Edison bulb and simple fitting really appeals to me and I knew for a while that I wanted to create my own pendant lights. With so many options on the market, I wanted my lights to add interest and pops of colour to homes and also be adaptable to different interior styles

Hexagon Wooden Pendant Light

I wanted my lights to feel tactile and elegant, so opted for fabric cable that are made from linen in simple natural tones, and paired them with sleek copper and brass or natural wooden lamp holders. The fun part was adding my own shapes to the lights and choosing the different combinations! I wanted to give the cords a bit more interest which is where these lovely plywood shapes come in...


Wooden Ply Shapes

To make the wooden shapes I used two local companies - 

The chunky ply shapes are all hand cut by the talented Mark from Neon Saw who works around the corner from my studio! Mark is a great carpenter who makes beautiful custom furniture and also runs a variety of woodworking courses. 

The flat ply shapes are cut by the amazing YEAH laser, a local independent laser cutting company. YEAH laser is run by Karli and Jacques, who also create fun and colourful jewellery with their other business Designosaur YEAH

Once each shape has been cut, I sand, paint and varnish them before stringing them onto the flex and wiring up the lights. All my lights are then PAT tested by Edwards and Hope, a local electrical shop

Curve Pendant Light

Take a look at the whole range of our pendant lights here. They work brilliantly plugged in and draped over a wooden shelf bracket like these ones from Ikea, or you can use a lighting hook to hold the fabric cable in place. If you have any questions about how you can use your pendant light then just ask!

The colours of the fabric cable, lamp holders and shapes can all be altered depending on your interior, so if you would like a specific combination or colour then do get in touch

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